Sanity-check MacOS X Address Book

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A command-line (terminal) application that will look at the entry of the current user's Address Book, and list those contacts that are members of 0 or >1 groups, along with (if relevant) the name of each group.


Goal: For each contact in the Address Book, check how many groups that contact is a member of. If the number is 0, or the contact is in more than one group, list the name of the contact.
Description: A Cocoa command-line application (built for MacOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard) which prints the relevant information to the terminal window.

Work Needed:


Version 0.9 Zip (Xcode Project, Source & Binary):


Volunteers should contact Alan Danziger.

Also extremely useful is feedback to this project idea, and to the details included within.

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