CallerID Monitor

Monitor Calls and enter into Database

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A system which will monitor the phone line, using the telco Caller ID feature, and store / retrieve call information with a database.


Goal: Provide the ability to store telephone caller id information to a database; retrieve the call info from a local or remote interface; provide reporting (how many times did this person call; when?); track this information longer than the 15 or even 99 calls that a typical caller ID box retains.
Scope: Listen on a serial port to a modem, capture & parse the caller id data and save it to a database. Retrieve the list of calls. Report on the list of calls. Notify via email when a call comes in (all calls, from specific numbers, etc.
Description: A PERL script that opens a file, reads data from the file until the file is closed, and parses or ignores each line from the file.
Objects: 1) Modem. The modem must be configured to display the CallerID information, which the script will parse & enter into the database.
2) Database. The script will interact with a database (PostgreSQL, currently configured to be on the local machine). The database schema is included in the package.

Work Needed:


Version 0.9 Tarball: CID.tgz
Version 0.9 Docs: Documentation.txt


Volunteers should contact Alan Danziger.

Also extremely useful is feedback to this project idea, and to the details included within.

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